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Skit 4 - How much is too much?

Instructions to the English teacher

Get the students to alternate roles.

Pre teach:-

  • How much coffee vs. how many cups of coffee. Uncountable nouns vs countable nouns.
  • Enough vs too much.
Student 1 How much coffee do you drink?
Student 2 About 8 cups a day.
Student 1 That's too much!
Student 2 How many cups of coffee do you drink?
Student 1 No more than 2 cups a day.
Student 2 That's not enough.


Student 1 How much water do you drink?
Student 2 About a glass.
Student 1 That's not enough.
Student 2 How many glasses of water do you drink?
Student 1 At least 8 glasses a day.
Student 2 That's too much.

Extension -

Teach healthy and unhealthy. 8 cups of coffee is unhealthy. 8 glasses of water is healthy.

Talk about how much coffee is recommended by doctors (2 cups maximum) and how much water is recommended by doctors (8-12 glasses is the recommended standard) - you can introduce should and shouldn't here.

Then get them to ask and answer the questions in real life and report back to the class. He/she drinks too much ... not enough etc.

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