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Let's talk about English, or even better, talk in English about, well, just about anything (usual rules apply), apart from questions, which should go on our Learn English FAQ page, or if you want to talk about grammar, that has its own page "Grammar Chat" (think of it as quarantine).

Lynne will try to read out and correct the conversations from this page on the Live Chat session on Tuesdays. You can then read along and listen to the posts.

To keep it interesting, try to post a bit more than "Hi". Use "Reply" to join an existing thread, but make sure you reply to the right person, and respond to the topic being discussed. Type @+personsname if you really want to get someone's attention (no guarantees they will respond).

If you don't know what to say, pop along to the English lessons and practise there for a bit.

To make it interesting, you can always record your own message on Spreaker like Xeb, Dora, Aladdin or Zakaria. You can even join Aladdin and co, in one of the LEN Radio shows (get in touch with Aladdin on the forum):-

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You can ask questions about the English sessions we run here.


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