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British Customs, Culture and Traditions in March

Mothers Day




1st Mar
St David's Day
The patron saint of Wales has his feast day today. Try my Culture Quiz.
1st Mar

A day to show your appreciation to the people around you.


2nd - 8th Mar
Us Brits love our pies. From steak and kidney to good old-fashioned apple pie. Nom nom.
5th - 8th Mar
From crusts (see above) to Crufts.
11th Mar No Smoking National no smoking day. I think that should include vaping too.
13th Mar
Comic Relief

Every other year, all over the country, thousands of people do silly things to raise money for charity. It all started in 1985, but this particular charity has now become one of our British institutions, it's also known as Red Nose Day, as everyone is supposed to wear a red nose, we even put red noses on the bumpers of our cars.

15th Mar
The Ides of March
Today is the Ides of March, made famous by the fact that Julius Caesar was assassinated on this day in 44 BC.
17th Mar
St Patrick's Day
Back to the 17th this year. St Patrick's Day is an Irish celebration, but it is celebrated all over the world.
15th Mar
Mothering Sunday
aka Mother's day, not to be confused with the American version of the same name, this is a day to show how much your mother means to you. Take her out for a meal, buy her some flowers / chocolates, or even better - do the housework!
18th Mar
The Budget!

It's an election year, so we will probably see the Chancellor George Osborne relaxing the purse strings a bit.

20th Mar
First Day of Spring
At last! The Vernal Equinox is one of the four great seasonal changes every year. The days get longer and warmer and the dark nights get shorter. And hopefully the snow will melt! Of course the first day of spring for us, is the first day of autumn for others.
24th Mar
History - Death of Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I, ended her 45-year reign when she died on this day in 1603.
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