Whatever you want to call it, there are lots of ways of contacting other people who wish to learn or improve their English or simply want to share their love of English.

You can connect with people and make new friends on the internet:-

  • The easiest way is to join our forum.
  • You can interact with other people by making friends on Skype or in Second Life.
  • You can find friends on other social networks like Facebook or Discord. Start by contacting our Facebook Page if you're shy.
  • Whatever platform you use, don't forget to fill out your profile, this lets people know a bit about you. You could say how long you've been learning English and what your native language is, and what your hobbies are, and your privacy settings.
  • We recommend you choose an avatar too. If you notice many of the long-term members of the forum have an image next to their name - this is called an avatar and it helps to identify you, it can look like you, or be your alter ego. You can use a photo or you can create an avatar, which is more of a cartoon. In the past we have used Face your Manga. Be warned though, you can lose hours doing this.

There are other services that can help you to make new friends or practise your English for free.

E-Pals - An online community of collaborative classrooms.

My Language Exchange - find people who want to learn your language in exchange for them helping you with theirs. Unfortunately some parts of this service are no longer free.

!Have fun but be safe! Please read.

!For safety's sake we recommend that only adults should use any of these services.!
!Do not give out personal information - address, university, work place, telephone number etc.!
!Use a special e-mail address that you don't mind deleting (Hotmail Yahoo Google etc...)!
!If you do arrange to meet anyone (which we do not recommend) make sure it is in a public place, make sure someone goes with you or at least knows where you are and who you are meeting etc.!
!If you have one take your mobile phone with you!