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First Friday in August - Day of the Burry man

Every year on the first Friday in August, a "burry man" (a man wearing a costume of thistle burrs, allegedly representing an ancient fertility God) walks through the streets of many fishing villages along the coast of Scotland, collecting donations from villagers. Learn More


First Sunday in August - Friendship Day

To be honest this isn't celebrated that much in England, apart from within the Indian community, but I think it should be, especially as Winnie the Pooh is the world's Ambassador of Friendship. Learn More

4th to 26th Aug

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

In this case a tattoo is not ink on the skin, it is a signal sounded on a drum or bugle to summon soldiers or sailors to their quarters at night. The Edinburgh Tattoo is a display of military exercises. The sound of bagpipes will be reverberating around Edinburgh yet again. Stirring stuff. Learn More

4th to 28th Aug

Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival is over fifty years old and has earned its reputation as one of the world's greatest celebrations of the arts. Always entertaining and often controversial, it offers the visitor an amazing three weeks of the very best opera, theatre, music and dance. Learn More

29th Jul to 5th Aug

Cowes Week

The annual world-class yachting event with over 1,000 yachts and 8,500 competitors taking part in some very challenging first-class sailing, it attracts a wide range of local, national and international entrants, from true amateurs to Olympic and World champions. Learn More

11th & 12th Aug

Shrewsbury Flower Show

Flower shows are extremely British and this is one of the largest flower shows in the UK. Well worth a visit either in person or virtually! Learn More

8th to 12th Aug

Great British Beer Festival

With over 450 real ales and over 65,000 visitors, Earls Court is turned into the Biggest Pub in the World, the festival plays host to a wide range of beers, real ale, cider, perry and lager from the UK and around the world. Learn More

12th to 20th Aug

Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

The Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival only began in 1994 as a fund-raising exercise, but it's become a popular event that the whole village takes part in, with scarecrows everywhere. If you don't know what a scarecrow is - you haven't been following our Word of the Month. Tut tut. Learn More

12th Aug

The Glorious 12th

But not if you are a grouse! Learn More

1!th to 20th Aug

Cilgerran Festival and Annual Coracle Regatta

A coracle is a traditional Welsh boat. This annual race is undertaken by some serious experts in eccentric clothing and many dunked amateurs, if you are a novice, you will get wet. So, if you've got your own coracle, or just fancy having a go, this is the place to do it. Learn More

26th Aug to 18th Sep

D H Lawrence Festival

Set in and around Lawrence’s birthplace of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, the festival includes lectures; guided walks; reading groups; exhibitions, drama and music. A great opportunity to learn about the life and works of this extraordinary writer - one of the most controversial novelists of the 20th century.Learn More

25th to 27th Aug

Reading Festival

No, I'm afraid it's not a book festival. The Reading and Leeds Festivals are the only three day, dual site music festivals in the world. Unless you know better that is! Learn More

25th to 27th Aug

Leeds Festival

The Reading and Leeds Festivals are the only three day, dual site music festivals in the world. Unless you know better that is! Learn More

25th to 28th Aug

Steampunk Festival

The Steampunk movement should be familiar to anyone who frequents virtual worlds, but this is in the Real World, and the Steampunk Festival in Lincoln is hailed as the most ‘splendid in the World’. It is certainly the biggest Steampunk festival in Europe, and a chance to have a bit of real life fun. Learn More

23rd Aug

The World Bog-Snorkelling Triathlon and Mountain Bike Bog-Snorkelling

You might get the idea now that there's not much to do around Llanwrtyd Wells, you'd be wrong, but they do like their bogs! I'd call it good clean fun, but it isn't. It's downright filthy. Learn More

26th to 28th Aug

Notting Hill Carnival

Not to be confused with Nottingham. This Notting Hill is in London. Remember the film? Nowadays it is considered to be part of Kensington, but it has a completely different flavour (not nearly as rarefied as say, the palace). Every Saturday, hundreds of people gather to wander through an open air market that has everything from fresh vegetables to antiques. And each August, the neighbourhood throws an enormous outdoor festival, the Notting Hill Carnival. Music from the West Indies, drummers and costumed people draw a half a million party animals. Visit their extremely colourful website, you will be able to view the festival via Web Cam, not as good as being there, but we can't have everything, can we? Learn More

28th Aug

The World Bog-Snorkelling Championships

In 2014 Lonely Planet described this as one of the top 50 "must do" things from around the world. Don't believe them? Then read on. Learn More

July - Sep

BBC Proms

The largest classical music event in the UK - "land of hope and glory and all that". If London is a bit too far to go you can listen or watch on-line. Even if you're not into classical music don't miss the Last night of the Proms, here you will see the British at their best and there is also "Proms in the Park", a series of concerts to celebrate the Last Night, which takes place in five locations across the country. Learn More

Jul - Aug

Rushbearing Ceremonies

Throughout July and August rushbearing ceremonies are carried out in many villages in north-west England. Rushes are harvested and made into special sculptures (called bearings), these sculptures are carried around in a procession. It is thought that the practice began in the Middle Ages when people used rushes as a floor covering. Learn More

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