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Bog Snorkelling (snorkeling AmE)

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What is bog snorkelling? Yes indeed, you read correctly, bog snorkelling. A bog is an expanse of marshland (it's also slang for toilet, but in this case we're talking about wet land) and snorkelling is the act of swimming using a snorkel.

So, bog snorkelling is swimming through a bog using a snorkel to breath. If any of you ever doubted that us Brits are mad, this should make up your minds for you.

Basically participants dive into a bog in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, wearing goggles, a pair of flippers and a snorkel, they then proceed to race each other along a 120ft trench filled with mud. Held every year the participants come from all over the world and raise lots of money for charity.

Watch a video of just how crazy this event is have a look here:-

Not satisfied with this, the event has been expanded, and on other days they mountain bike through the bog. Which means getting on a mountainbike wearing goggles, and a snorkel and peddling through a bog. Just the sort of thing to do on a weekend.

The championship contact is:-

Gordon Green
The Neuadd Arms Hotel
Llanwrtyd Wells
Tel 01591 610236

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