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Irregular Verb - To lose

The verb to win

lose / lost / lost / losing


Tenses for the Verb - To lose

Click on the timeline to see how this irregular verb changes with each tense
Timeline Future Tense Present Tense Past Tense


The Past - lost / losing

Past Continuous - "I stopped gambling when I worked out how much money I was losing."
Past Simple - "I lost all my money."
Past Perfect Simple - "When I checked my lottery ticket I realised I had lost."
Past Perfect Continuous - "It seems I had been losing a lot of money, but I didn't even know it."

The Present - lose / losing / lost

Present Continuous - "I am losing!"
Present Simple - "I usually lose."
Present Perfect Simple - "I have lost a lot of money."
Present Perfect Continuous - "I'd better stop, I'm losing money."

The Future - lose / lost

Future Continuous - You wouldn't really use this in this context.
Future Simple - "I think I'll lose, if I take part."
Future Perfect Simple - "I'm sure I will have lost a lot of money before the end of the racing season."
Future Perfect Continuous - You wouldn't really use this verb in this context.

!Note - Don't confuse lose with loose

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