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Irregular Verb - To buy

To buy

buy / bought / bought / buying


Tenses for the Verb - To Buy

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Timeline Future Tense Present Tense Past Tense

The Past

Past Continuous - "He was buying her a bouquet when he saw her across the road."
Past Simple - "He bought her a dozen roses for their first date."
Past Perfect Simple - "By their first anniversary he had bought her 152 bunches of flowers."
Past Perfect Continuous - "By the time it was their first anniversary he had been buying her flowers every month."

The Present

Present Continuous - "He is buying her another bunch of flowers."
Present Simple - "He buys her a bunch of flowers every week."
Present Perfect Simple - "He has already bought her 3 bouquets this month."
Present Perfect Continuous - "He has been buying her flowers since he first met her.

The Future

Future Continuous - "He's buying her flowers again tomorrow."
Future Simple - "He will buy her a dozen red roses for their anniversary in April."
Future Perfect Simple - "By their anniversary he will have already bought her 104 bouquets."
Future Perfect Continuous - "On their anniversary in April he will have been buying flowers for her for every week for 2 years."

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