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British Customs, British Culture and British Traditions in September

Diary for September
25th Aug to 18th Sep

D H Lawrence Festival

Set in and around Lawrence’s birthplace of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, the festival includes lectures; guided walks; reading groups; exhibitions, drama and music. A great opportunity to learn about the life and works of this extraordinary writer - one of the most controversial novelists of the 20th century.Learn More


First Friday in September - Braemar Royal Highland Gathering

This is one of Scotland's largest Highland games and probably the most famous, attracting thousands of spectators every year to take part in or just watch as clan members wear their traditional Highland attire; clans from all over get the chance to show off their own particular tartan. There are also pipe bands and Scottish dancing and the more competitive tug-of-war along with lots of big sweaty men throwing stuff - shots (which are putt), hammers (which are thrown) and cabers (which are tossed). Learn More

1st Sep

St Giles' Day

An old saying goes "If it's fine on St Giles' day (1.9), it will be fine up to St Michael's day (29/9)"


The second Sunday in September - Black Pudding Throwing Championships

If you can't stand the thought of eating black pudding, a type of sausage made from congealed pigs’ blood with spices and lumps of fat, wrapped in a length of intestine, try going to the Royal Oak, Bridge Street, Ramsbottom, in Lancashire, there you can practise throwing one. The aim of the championships is to throw a black pudding that has been ‘swaddled’ or wrapped in a pair of ladies tights at a load of yorkshire puddings on a plinth 20 feet up on the side of the pub wall. Whoever knocks down the most wins! Learn More

9th - 11th Sep

Ludlow Food Festival

If you are a bit of a foodie you will love this food festival. (Oh and these kinds of events are a great chance to have conversations with people about one of our favourite Friday topics - food.) Learn More

9th - 18th Sep

Jane Austen Festival

The  Jane Austen Festival begins with a colourful costumed parade through the city centre. The week long programme includes talks and productions, readings and tours, and draws Jane Austen fans from around the world. Learn More

10th Sep

Last night of the Proms

Probably the most famous classical music event in the world. Along with Proms in the Park, which takes place in five locations across all four nations, with more than 1,500 musicians, 50 TV cameras, 1000 microphones and 50 miles of cable and around a million viewers. Learn More

15th - 20th Sep

London Fashion Week

British fashion struts its stuff on the catwalk for the spring / summer season 2016. They have to think ahead, these guys. Learn More

18th - 19th Sep

Egremont Crab Fair

Since medieval times, 1267 to be exact, the people of Egremont have celebrated Crab Apple time with a unique day of events. The Egremont Crab Fair includes traditional and unusual sporting events, inluding the annual World Gurning Championships when ugly people of the world unite! Aside from pulling the most grotesque faces feasible, contestants are encouraged to generate more theatre by thrashing around the stage making wild animal noises! You can enter on-line for a special competition!

Also featuring pipe-smoking contests,  climbing up the greasy pole to try and get the leg of lamb nailed at the top, an apple cart parade, martial arts displays along with street and fell races.
Learn More

19th Sep

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Polish your peg leg and get the parrot out of its cage, it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day - "Ooh arr, me 'earties! Sploice the mainbrace and run up the Jolly Roger!" Learn More

29th Sep

The Devil Spits

A disgusting habit, this day is traditionally known as Michaelmas - The Feast of St Michael/St Michael's Day, but it is said that on this night the Devil spits on any blackberries left on the brambles, so the 29th is the last day to go blackberrying. It certainly is true that blackberries start going mouldy after this time. Learn More

May to Sep

Well Dressing

Well dressing is an ancient art carried out in the county of Derbyshire, especially the Peak District. Every year from around May to the beginning of September, wells in the area are beautifully decorated with natural objects (usually petals from flowers) to form elaborate pictures, often nowadays with a religious theme.

The origins of well dressing are something of a mystery, but it is thought to predate Roman times. It was most likely a form of sacrifice to give thanks for the supply of water supplied by wells in the community. Learn More

Sep - Oct


During September and October fairs (or fayres) are held all over Britain. Learn More

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