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Build Up

Other Rooms

Attic People store things in the attic.
Ballroom A room in stately homes where rich people dance and concerts are held.
Box Room A small room used for storage.
Cellar Underneath the house.
Cloakroom A small room for a downstairs toilet.
Conservatory A greenhouse attached to a house as a sun room, or for the display of plants.
Dining Room A room where people eat (see eating at home).
Drawing Room A room in stately homes where posh people entertain.
Games Room A room in large houses where games are played.
Hall The entrance passage to a house.
Landing The level area at the top of a staircase or between one flight of stairs and another.
Larder A small room used for the storage of food.
Library A room where books are kept.
Music Room A room where people play music.
Office A room where people work.
Pantry A small room used to store kitchen and dining items.
Parlour Old fashioned word for living room.
Living Room Yet another name for sitting room / lounge.
Spare Room/
Guest Room
A room where guests sleep and clutter is stored.
Toilet A room where people go to the toilet (often known as WC / loo).
Utility Room A room where appliances such as washing machines are used.

Things you may find around the house

light bulb(s)

plug(s) socket(s) torch(es)
light bulb(s) plug(s) socket(s) torch(es)
ceiling light(s) lamp(s) curtain(s) Lock
ceiling light(s) lamp(s) curtain(s) lock(s)
key shelf(shelves) (tele)phone(s) box(es)
key(s) shelf (shelves) (tele)phone(s) box(es)
plug(s) battery(ies) photo(graph)(s)  
plug(s) battery (batteries) photo(graph)(s)  

Naturally Speaking

ceiling | door | floor | wall | window

Anatomy of a Room


Here is a conversation between Mrs Smith (Joan) and husband Steve.
It's Saturday and Joan and Steve are decorating.
Joan Steve, you missed a bit.
Steve Where?
Joan Here, on the wall just by the window, you can see a patch of white.
Steve Oh yes, I see it. It's difficult in this light.
Joan I know dear. Well, at least we have finished this room; only five more to go.
Steve Are you sure you want to put wallpaper up in the lounge?
Joan Yes, but don't worry, I'm really good at wallpapering. I just wish that John would decide on what he wants his room doing in.
Steve I know, it's difficult when you're a boy, but at least he's grown out of Star Wars. I keep thinking he'll ask for red and black or something equally gruesome.
Joan Yes, but it is his room. I'm glad we decided not to move. Maybe we should think about building an extension to the kitchen instead.
Steve One thing at a time please! Lets get this decorating over and done with first.
Joan Ha! Oh by the way you missed a bit by the door too!
Steve Hmmm, thanks. Here's a brush.

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