Eat at home

Useful Vocabulary

knife(knives) fork(s) spoon(s) teaspoon(s)
knife (knives) fork(s) spoon(s) teaspoon(s)

        plate(s) bowl(s) cup(s) saucer(s)        
        plate(s) bowl(s) cup(s) saucer(s)        

        table(s) chair(s)            
        table(s) chair(s)            

        glass(es) tablecloth(s) tablemat(s) / placemat(s) napkin(s) / serviette(s)        
        glass(es) tablecloth(s) placemat(s) serviette(s)        

Build Up


Early Morning (am) - Breakfast
Mid Morning (11.00 am) - Brunch - a mixture of breakfast and lunch (US) / Elevenses - a light snack (UK)
Noon (12.00 ish) - Lunch
Evening (pm) - Dinner / Tea / High Tea (very old fashioned)
Night (pm) - Supper
The differences between tea the drink, tea the meal etc.
At the table: When we eat, we set the table. Set the table
Then we sit at the table to eat. Eat at the table.
When we have finished eating, we clear the table.Clear the table

Naturally Speaking

Sometimes there are things you like or don't like or even things you don't eat.

I eat I like
I don't eat I don't like
Things you do eat / like.
Things you don't eat / like.
I like fruit. I don't like fruit.
I love spinach. I hate spinach.
I'm a vegetarian, I only eat fruit and vegetables. I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat or fish.
I have allergies, but I can eat fruit. I have allergies, so I can't eat anything containing nuts.
I eat fish on Friday, for religious reasons. I don't eat pork, for religious reasons.


Here we have two conversations between Mrs Smith and her younger son John:-
It's 7am and John is still in bed. John's mother must leave for work.
Mrs S: Get up John or you'll be late for school!
John: I'm getting up mum.
Mrs S: Well come down stairs and have your breakfast.
John: Can I have cereal and toast?
Mrs S: Yes if you hurry, I have to leave for work.
John: Morning mum.
Mrs S: Fetch a chair and sit at the table, there's a bowl of cereal, a plate of toast and a cup of tea. You'll have to get your own cutlery. I've got to go now, I'll see you tonight, bye.
John: Bye mum.
It's 5pm and John's mother has just come home from work.
John: What's for dinner tonight mum?
Mrs S: What do you fancy?
John: Fish and chips would be nice.
Mrs S: What did you have for lunch at school?
John: Pizza and chips.
Mrs S: Well how about a nice healthy salad then?
John: Oh. Well ok, can I help?
Mrs S: Yes you can set the table. Set it for 3, your father should be home any minute.
John: Should I put spoons and bowls out?
Mrs S: No we won't have a starter, just put out plates and knives and forks, we'll have fruit for pudding. We'll need cups and saucers too, your father will want a cup of tea when he comes in.
John: I want to invite Mark for tea on Saturday. Can he come.
Mrs S: Yes of course, as long as it's ok with his mother.
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Games and Tests for this Vocabulary Unit

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