Useful Vocabulary

Entertainment - Going Out - Places to go
Theatre Cinema museum
Theatre(s) Cinema(s) Museum(s)
Art Gallery Circus Fun Fair
Art Gallery
Circus(es) Fun Fair(s)
Zoo Casino Disco
Zoo(s) Casino(s) Disco(s)

Build Up

If you go to any of these places are you a customer, a visitor or a member of the audience?

If you go to the theatre, cinema, or circus you are a member of the audience.

If you go to a museum, zoo, fun fair, or art gallery, you're a customer or a visitor.

If you go to a disco or casino, you're a customer.

If you go to a casino, you're a customer (or a mug).

What do you do when you're there?

You go to the cinema to watch a film or a movie. You can say, "I'm going to the cinema / films / flicks / pictures." We also call it the silver screen.

You go to the theatre to watch the performance, it could be a play, a show, a musical, a gig, a pantomime, a puppet show, an opera or a ballet.

You go to a museum or an art gallery to see an exhibition.

You go to a casino to gamble and to try and win money, but you'll probably lose it instead.

You go to a zoo to watch or look at or see the animals. Sometimes you can even feed the animals. At a "petting" zoo you can interact with the animals, but you wouldn't find lions and tigers at a petting zoo.

You go to a disco to listen to music and dance.

You go to a circus to watch the acts.

You go to a fun fair to go on the rides, see the side shows, and to play the games.

Naturally Speaking

Buying a ticket:-
  • “I`d like one adult and one child for Cinema 3, please.”
  • “Can I get one ticket for the matinee?”
  • “Are there any seats left for the 1:45 show?”
Ordering refreshments:-

"I'd like a large popcorn and a small soft drink please. Do those nachos come with cheese? Oh and I’ll have a box of chocolates too. Thanks."

Mr. and Mrs. Smith are trying to decide what to do at the weekend.  Mr. Smith is reading the entertainment section in the newspaper.
Mr Smith:

There's a new casino opening. Do you fancy going this weekend?

Mrs Smith:

No way! It's a mug's game.

Mr Smith:

Well how about seeing a film instead?

Mrs Smith:

I don’t know.  What's on?

Mr Smith:

Blood Diamond is showing. I quite fancy seeing that.

Mrs Smith: Oh dear. I don’t think I want to watch that one.  The reviews say it is a very violent flick.
Mr Smith:

We could go to the theatre and see a play instead.

Mrs Smith:

That’s a good idea!  I think Calendar Girls is still playing.  I heard on the radio that it is a wonderful stage play.

Mr Smith:

Oh. Well to be honest, I would rather go to a concert and hear some good music

Mrs Smith: Well we haven't been to a concert in ages, but I still fancy the theatre.
Mr Smith:

Well why don't we go to the matinee performance and then take in a concert later? 

Mrs Smith:

What a good idea. Phone up the box office and book some tickets.

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