Entertainment Crossword

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4   5     6              
       7   8          
   10   11              
12        13            


1. v.
3. A small piece of paper or card for admission to an event.
4. A musical play in which most of the words are sung.
7. Someone who moves their feet and body to music.
9. Someone who paints.
10. Someone who creates artistic pictures.
13. A building where objects of historical interest are kept.
14. Where people can watch a performance or other activity.
15. Someone who is skilled in playing an instrument.


1. A building where games are played for money.
2. A person who sings.
5. A performance with different characters acting out a story.
6. Someone who performs in films or plays.
8. Feminine form of 6 down.
11. A group of people gathered together to watch or listen to a performance.
12. A building where people pay to watch films.