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Dictation - The Wedding Feast - Part 1


Play the .mp3 files (they are large so be patient).

1. Just listen. I will speak, quite quickly, in a natural voice.

2. Listen and write I will speak more slowly.

3. Listen to the first file again - Check and make any corrections you think necessary.

4. Check what you have written.














Dictation Text - The Wedding Feast - Part 1

A father one day asked his two daughters, "What is the sweetest thing in the world?"

"Sugar," said the older girl.

"Salt," said his youngest daughter.

Her father thought she was making fun of him, but she wouldn't change her mind. He was so angry that he threw her out of the house, saying, "As you think that salt is sweeter than sugar you had better find another home where the cooking is more to your taste."

It was a beautiful summer night, and as the pretty girl sat crying in the forest around her father's house a young prince, who was lost, heard her voice and came to ask her the way. He asked her why she was crying and she told him. Then, struck by her beauty and wisdom, he fell in love with her, and took her home to his beautiful palace and married her.

Check for

punctuation - , . ' ! etc...

Each mistake = 1.
Do not count the same mistake twice.
If you get 5 or more mistakes do the dictation again.

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