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Irregular Verb - To teach

To buy

teach / taught / taught / teaching

Tenses for the Verb - To teach

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Timeline Future Tense Present Tense Past Tense

The Past

Past Continuous - "I was teaching my new group yesterday when the head came in."

Past Simple - "I taught them how to say 'Hello' last week."

Past Perfect Simple - "By the time the head came in I had already taught them how to say 'Good morning'."

Past Perfect Continuous - "I had been teaching them how to spell their names when we were interrupted."

The Present

Present Continuous - "It's Monday morning and I'm teaching English."

Present Simple - "I usually teach business English."

Present Perfect Simple - "I have already taught twenty different courses this year."

Present Perfect Continuous - "I have been teaching English for 6 years."

The Future

Future Continuous - "I'm teaching a new group tomorrow."

Future Simple - "I think I'll teach some grammar in my next lesson."

Future Perfect Simple - "I will have taught over 100 students at the end of this term."

Future Perfect Continuous - "This time next week I will have been teaching for over six years."

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