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Irregular Verb - To sell

To buy

sell / sold / selling

Tenses for the Verb - To Sell

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The Past

Past Continuous - "He was selling the customer a new hoover, when it suddenly blew up."

Past Simple - "He sold a dozen of the new hoovers before they were recalled."

Past Perfect Simple - "By the time the new hoovers were recalled, he had already sold a dozen."

Past Perfect Continuous - "He had been selling the old hoovers for years, without any problems."

The Present

Present Continuous - "He is selling another make of hoover now."

Present Simple - "He sells hundreds of hoovers every year."

Present Perfect Simple - "He has already sold 12 hoovers this week."

Present Perfect Continuous - "He has been selling hoovers for the whole of his working life.

The Future

Future Continuous - "He's selling a new hoover to an old customer tomorrow."

Future Simple - "He will sell a dozen hoovers to the cleaning company."

Future Perfect Simple - "By the time we work out bonuses, he will have sold hundreds of hoovers."

Future Perfect Continuous - "When he retires in July he will have been selling hoovers for 30 years."

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