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Irregular Verb - To lead

The verb to win

lead / led / leading

Tenses for the Verb - To lead

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Timeline Future Tense Present Tense Past Tense

The Past - led / leading

Past Continuous - "He was leading the party to humiliation and disgrace.

Past Simple - "Margaret Thatcher led the Conservative Party to victory in three general elections."

Past Perfect Simple - "When I led them they never lost an election."

Past Perfect Continuous - "By the time I retired I had been leading them for ten years."

The Present - lead / leading

Present Continuous - "Who is leading this party?"

Present Simple - "He usually leads from the front."

Present Perfect Simple - "I have led a lot of groups."

Present Perfect Continuous - "I am leading this party to victory!"

The Future - lead / leading

Future Continuous - "Who's leading next week's debate?"

Future Simple - "I think I'll lead them if they ask me."

Future Perfect Simple - "I'm sure I will have led you all to victory by the end of the elections."

Future Perfect Continuous - "This time next year I will have been leading the party for over eleven years."

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