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Irregular Verb - To drink

To drink

drink / drank / drunk / drinking

Tenses for the Verb - To drink

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Timeline Future Tense Present Tense Past Tense

The Past

Past Continuous - "His doctor told him he was drinking too much."

Past Simple - "I drank two glasses of wine yesterday ."

Past Perfect Simple - "He had drunk too much."

Past Perfect Continuous - "The police stopped him because he had been drinking."

The Present

Present Continuous - "He is drinking his coffee."

Present Simple - "I usually drink tea first thing."

Present Perfect Simple - "I was upset because he had drunk my beer."

Present Perfect Continuous - "He has been drinking since the party began."

The Future

Future Continuous - "This time next week I will be drinking sangria on a beach in Spain."

Future Simple - "He doesn't drink alcohol, so he will probably drink Coca Cola."

Future Perfect Simple - "By the time we get to the party they will have drunk all the beer."

Future Perfect Continuous - "Usually alcoholics will have been drinking heavily for at least five years before they seek help."

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