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Irregular Verb - To die

To die

die / died / dying

Tenses for the Verb - To die

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The Past

Past Continuous - "His doctor told him he was dying."

Past Simple - "Former Beatle George Harrison died in 2001 ."

Past Perfect Simple - "His family was told he had died of a heart attack."

Past Perfect Continuous - "When I met her she had been dying of cancer for some time."

The Present

Present Continuous - "He is dying of cancer."

Present Simple - "In Surrey, around 64 people die in road accidents every year."

Present Perfect Simple - "I'm very upset because one of my goldfish has just died."

Present Perfect Continuous - "For years now, the delta has been dying a slow death thanks to the lack of freshwater."

The Future

Future Continuous - "Just because someone has HIV doesn't mean he's dying

Future Simple - "He will probably die in April."

Future Perfect Simple - "Unfortunately by the time they get to the hospital she will have already died."

Future Perfect Continuous - "The doctors say it's a miracle I'm still alive. Tomorrow I will have been dying for 2 years."

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