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Irregular Verb - To build

Man building a wall

build / built / built / building

Tenses for the Verb - To build

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Timeline Future Tense Present Tense Past Tense

The Past

Past Continuous - "I was building a wall yesterday."

Past Simple - "I built a new garage last month."

Past Perfect Simple - "By the time my last company went bust we had already built the new shopping centre."

Past Perfect Continuous - "We had been building the new shopping centre for 2 months when we heard about the bankruptcy."

The Present

Present Continuous - "It's Monday morning and I'm building a wall."

Present Simple - "I usually build commercial buildings."

Present Perfect Simple - "I have already built two shopping centres this year."

Present Perfect Continuous - "I have been building this shopping centre since we won the contract.

The Future

Future Continuous - "I'm building a new garage tomorrow."

Future Simple - "I think I'll build my own house when I can afford to."

Future Perfect Simple - "I hope I will have already built my own house by the time I am 40."

Future Perfect Continuous - "This time next week I will have been building this shopping centre for two months."

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