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Verbs to do with Rooms

Many verbs have different meanings, however this section deals with verbs about eating only as related to rooms. An example is provided only where the verb is commonly used in everyday conversation.


The Verb (infinitive form) The Meaning An example
(Simple Past Tense)
To carpet To cover a floor with a carpet. My mother carpeted her house, but I prefer wooden floors. Regular
To clean To make somewhere tidy and clean. I cleaned the house yesterday. Regular
To decorate To make a room more attractive with paint/wallpaper. I decorated the kitchen yellow. Regular
To furnish To put furniture into a room. I furnished the lounge with contemporary furniture. Regular
To paint To cover the surface of a wall or ceiling with paint. I painted the bathroom pink. Regular
To paper To stick wallpaper on the walls of a room. I papered the room in my favourite colour. Regular
To plaster To cover a wall with plaster or a similar substance. The walls were very damp so we plastered them. Regular
To rent To live somewhere you do not own by paying a regular amount of money. When I was a student I rented a small room at the University. Regular
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