Useful Vocabulary

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binder calculator desk
Binder(s) Calculator(s) Computer(s) Desk(s) Keyboard(s)
desk lamp diary envelope
Desk lamp(s) Diary (diaries) Envelope(s) Letter(s)
filing cabinet flipchart folder
Filing cabinet(s) Flipchart(s) Folder(s)
hole punch notice board Chair
Hole punch(es) Notice board(s) drawing pin(s) note(s) Office chair(s) / Executive chair(s)
paper clip pen and pencil stapler
Paper clip(s) Post It Note(s) Paper (Sheet(s) of paper) Pen(s) and pencil(s) Stapler(s)
staple remover staple  
Staple remover(s) Staple(s)


Build Up


Dress to impress

Office workers tend to dress smartly. For both smart shoes. For men a suit, maybe a waistcoat and a shirt and tie, for women a suit (usually with a skirt) and blouse.
Office worker manWoman in the office

Work - Who works in an office?

Job What do they do? Where do they work?
Accountants Look after the finances in an organisastion. They work in an office.
Lawyers Defend and prosecute people. They work in a law court and in a lawyers office.
Receptionists Meet and greet visitors. They work in reception.
Sales Representatives Sell goods and look after customers. They work on the road and in an office..
Secretaries Arrange appointments, type letters and organise meetings. They work in an office.