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English songs about jobs and work

Only for fun, here are some songs about jobs or work.


Song Title Artist/Group
Accountancy blues. Radio Stars
Ballad of a Scottish accountant The Delgados
The architect's dream Kate Bush
Son of a baker. Small Faces
When I'm cleaning windows. George Formby
Coal miner's daughter Loretta Lynn
High School was like boot camp for a desk job Death By Stereo
My old man's a dustman Lonnie Donnegan
Don't pay the ferryman Chris de Burgh
Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued Fall Out Boy

Laughing policeman. George Penrose
Take me to the pilot Elton John
The scientist Coldplay
Temporary secretary. Paul McCartney
The truck-driver and his mate Pet Shop Boys
Vicar in a tutu The Smiths
Whistle while you work. Various
Nice work if you can get it. Tony Bennett.
We can work it out. The Beatles
We work the black seam. Sting
Julie's been working for the drug squad. The Clash
Working my way back to you. Detroit Spinners
Working nine to five. Dolly Parton
There's a guy works down the chipshop. Kirsty McColl
Do you know some more songs about jobs or work?
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