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English Songs About Entertainment

Only for fun, here are some songs about entertainment.


Song Title Artist/Group
Art school Jam

Vampire casino

Eugene Mcguinness
Be a clown Judy Garland
Tears of a clown Smokey Robinson
Always a comedian Cadillac Blindside
The comedians Roy Orbison
Let me entertain you Robbie Williams

That's entertainment

Fred Astaire
That's entertainment
Film Cinerama
A film for the future Idlewild

Museum Donovan
Muscle museum Muse
You oughta be in pictures

Little Jack Little

To the singer on the stage Waterdeep
All the world's a stage Rush
Coming to the stage Will Smith
Don't put your daughter on the stage Noel Coward
Mama's always on stage Arrested Development
Set the stage The Warriors.
She dances on the stage Lil' Chris
To the singer on the stage Waterdeep
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