The Verb (infinitive form) The Meaning An example
( Simple Past Tense)
To binge To eat more than is good for you. (Often associated with eating disorders.) (Rarely used in conversation) Regular
To bite To tear, cut or grip food with the teeth. He bit into the apple. Irregular
To breakfast To eat breakfast. (Rarely used in conversation.) Regular
To chew To work food between the jaws and teeth (see also masticate) He chewed his food well. Regular
To consume See to eat. (Rarely used in conversation.) Regular
To digest What happens to food after it is swallowed. (Not something you do consciously.) (Rarely used in conversation.) Regular
To dine To eat dinner. Especially related to eating out. They dined at their friend's house. Regular
To eat
The complete action of putting food in the mouth and then biting, chewing and swallowing it. She ate her dinner. Irregular
To feast To eat a lot or to enjoy eating something. (Often something out of the ordinary.) They feasted on caviar and salmon. Regular
To gobble To eat or swallow food too quickly and in large amounts. The little boy gobbled his sandwich. Regular
To guzzle To eat food greedily. He guzzled his lunch. Regular
To ingest To take food into the body. (Rarely used in conversation.) Regular
To lick To pass the tongue over food in order to taste or consume it. She licked the ice cream. Regular
To lunch To eat lunch. (Rarely used in conversation.) Regular
To munch To chew food steadily, especially with a crunchy noise, such as when eating an apple. He munched the apple. Regular
To nibble To take small repeated bites of food. The rabbit nibbled on the carrot. Regular
To scoff To eat something quickly and eagerly. Someone has scoffed all my gummy bears! Regular
To snack To eat a light meal, or eat between main meals. She snacked on biscuits and sweets all day. Regular
To swallow The act of passing food from the mouth to the stomach. She swallowed a fish bone. Regular
To taste To take a small amount of food in the mouth and test it. He tasted the soup before he added more salt. Regular
To wolf To eat food quickly. (Often followed by down.) He wolfed down his breakfast.


Phrasal Verbs

The Phrasal Verb The Meaning An example
( Simple Past Tense)
eat out To go out to eat, usually to a restaurant. They were both tired so they ate out. I
eat up To eat everything on your plate. He was very hungry and ate everything up. S
plate up To arrange food on a plate. He always makes a mess when he's plating up the food. S
tuck in To eat with enthusiasm. He enthusiastically tucked in to his dinner. I