Only for fun, here are some songs with references to the human body.


Song Title Artist/Group
Insane in the brain Cypress Hill
Cheek to cheek Billie Holiday
Eye of the tiger Survivor
Your silent face New Order
Throw your foot The Cure
Wrapped Around Your finger The Police
Palm of your hand The Buzzcocks
Knees up mother brown trad.
Legs ZZ Top
Lips like sugar Echo and the Bunnymen
My iron lung Radiohead


... Ain't that a kick in the head
Heart on my sleeve Gallagher & Lyle
Home is where the heart is Gladys Knight and the Pips
Hairless heart
Muscle museum Muse
A swallow on my neck
Don't start breathing down my neck
Hank Penny
Pancreas Weird Al Yankowicz
Palm of your hand The Buzzcocks
I've got you under my skin Frank Sinatra
Under my thumb The Rolling Stones