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Skit 5 - Buying a Train Ticket

Instructions to the English teacher

Get the students to alternate roles.
Student 1
Good morning. I'd like a ticket to London, please.
Student 2
Ticket Office
Single or return?
Student 1 Return please, second class. When is the next train?
Student 2 There's an InterCity that leaves at 8:26, but you have to change at Derby. There's an express that goes straight through at 9:10.
Student 1 Oh I don't want to change trains. How much is the 9:10 one please?
Student 2 When will you be returning?
Student 1 Later today.
Student 2 Well a day return will only cost you £24.
Student 1 Great. I'll take it. What platform does the train leave from?
Student 2 Platform 2.
Extension -

Try taking a real time table and change the destinations and times.

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