Running Dictation

by Lynne Hand

Instructions to the English teacher

Running dictation is a great way to enliven a tired class.

Use your own short text or the texts on my English dictation pages. Cut the text into sentences and place them around the room. Split the class into groups or pairs. Each group must have one runner and a designated writer.

The runner has to go around the room and read the sentences - commiting them to memory - they are not allowed to touch the paper, take the paper back to the group or shout the sentence across the room. Once they think they can remember the sentence they return to the group and repeat to them what it said.

The writer of the group writes down the sentence as it is dictated, if the runner forgets part of the sentence they are allowed to go back to the paper and re-read it (same rules apply).

The group can then elect another runner and a writer and they have to find another sentence. The group then has to put the sentences in the correct order.

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