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Pictionary - A Timed Game

I played this as a student in one of my German sessions at the VHS.

Review some vocabulary (nouns) with the class (if it's an advanced class you can skip this).

Set a time limit (I use a one minute egg timer or a stopwatch) and demonstrate the game.

Pick a word (from the vocabulary list if appropriate).

Mime zipped lips and make a lot of mmm-mmm noises to get the idea of no speaking allowed.

Try to draw a picture that represents the word on the white board - no letters allowed, just a basic sketch.

Encourage the class with gestures to have a go at guessing what the word is.

Upon a correct guess, immediately stop the clock, write the time on the scoreboard and have the class vocalize the word.

Reset the timer.

The first student to guess the word correctly should then write another word down on a piece of paper and hand it to you. They then have to draw the word on the board.

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