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Here are some great games suitable for the EFL ESL classroom. I have played them with my students and had some great fun. Remember-
"All work, no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl."
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Boggle is a three-minute word game for any number of players - great for warm ups. The game includes the special Boggle tray, which is the bottom part of the clear cube container, containing 16 letter dice and a sand timer which lasts for three minutes--you must supply your own pens and paper. The dice are placed in the Boggle container and given a good shake. Players must then place the container upright to allow the dice to settle with one letter on each side facing up. The sand timer is set, and you have to make out as many words as possible from the letters facing upwards before the sand timer runs out. The letters used must be from adjoining dice, and you can only use each letter once in any word. Words can be singular or plural in form and can be in any tense, so long as they appear in any standard English dictionary. In fact, it is a good idea to have one of the main dictionaries of record to hand, for when the inevitable disputes arise.
Call My Bluff
The classic British TV game show is now an exciting board game that's great for advanced students. Two teams try to outwit each other by giving the definitions to a word, but only one person is telling the truth.
Dingbats are cleverly crafted puzzles that challenge you to find a familiar phrase or name in a unique arrangement of letters, symbols, numbers or pictures. It's great fun, for two to six players or teams for larger classes.
Pass the Bomb
Pass the Bomb is a simple game of words. Each game consists of thirteen rounds and the idea is to come up with words that fit a given criteria whilst playing pass-the-parcel with a ticking bomb. It is very fast and furious, but great fun and you can use the 'bomb' in other word games you think up yourself.
The object of the game is to compete for the highest score by forming interlocking words in crossword fashion on the Scrabble board using tiles displaying letters with various score values. Higher scores can be obtained by using the tiles in locations and combinations that make the most use of the letter values and premium squares(eg: triple-letter score, double-word score etc) on the board.
Scrabble Classic

Scrabble Classic is the Rolls Royce of Scrabble games. It has polished wooden tiles, wooden tile racks and a classic game board. It is a special version of the first Scrabble game to be sold in the UK. Back in the 1950s it came complete with 10 real wood tiles, wooden racks and a high-quality board, as does this version. Makes a great gift.

Scrabble Deluxe
This is a new luxury edition of the ever popular world famous word game for two to four players. The best bit is that you can rotate the board easily.
Chambers Official Scrabble Words
In Britain, Scrabble is played by Chambers' "Official Scrabble Words", based upon the latest edition of the Chambers Dictionary. The ultimate Scrabble adjudicator, especially needed to avoid all those rows about two letter words.
Who's in the bag?
A form of verbal charades, the idea is to help your team mates identify as many famous characters as possible in a race against the clock. Can be developed further with What's in the bag or Where's in the bag.
Reading Rods - Phonomic Awareness

Build it! Read It! Write It! This all-in-one activity set makes reading and writing practice fun at school or home.

Skills taught include:

identifying letter sounds
matching letter sounds with pictures
learning alphabetical order
building simple words
practicing letter writing