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Inclusion onto these pages is through recommendation only. If you have attended a particularly good English course and would like to recommend it to other visitors let me know on the forum.




Worldwide Internationally recognized language school. Uses the Berlitz Method of Language Instruction (a direct method of language acquisition which later became popularized as the audio lingual method.
Worldwide InLingua has 345 Language Centers in 44 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America..

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The English Language Centre

The English Language Centre
33 Palmeira Mansions
Brighton '&' Hove

One of the best ways to learn any language is to spend time in a country that speaks that language. If you want to learn English in England please don't restrict yourself to London. Don't get me wrong, London is great, but there are so many other places to go (you can always visit London for a day). At this moment in time Brighton is an extremely cool place to be, and no I don't just mean the weather. The English Language Centre was recently featured on German television and I was so inspired by what I saw of their teaching methods I decided to include them on these new pages.

If by any chance you have attended a course here, please let me know what you thought.
One World Language School

The Strand Building
37 Strand Street
Cape Town
South Africa

One of the best ways to learn any language is to spend time in a country that speaks that language. You aren't restricted to rainy England though. For the adventurous there are more exotic locations that have English as their main language. One such place is South Africa. This particular school contacted us with some very positive comments from students who have attended their courses (see below).

I met friendly people here. That's wonderful when you come from far away countries. I felt at home here. You are real gentlemen. Thank you. - Norma Beatriz Cruz -----------------------------------------------------------
It's the best language school. I'm very happy! - Fabian Piwonka ----------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to all the OWLS members who helped me with any problem. I had a great stay here in Cape Town. - Tilo Bellm -----------------------------------------------------------
I think you are all very organized and it was fun to be here. - Stefanie Flubacher -----------------------------------------------------------
A special thanks to my brilliant teachers. - Gernot Egger -----------------------------------------------------------
It was excellent to work in a small class. I wouldn't change a thing. I enjoyed the time I spent in this school. Thank you OWLS! - Maurus Kochh -----------------------------------------------------------
I've enjoyed my time at OWLS, and really appreciate the social programme as well as the personal atmosphere of the school. - Baersel Rasch -----------------------------------------------------------
The school has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and I learnt a lot while I was there. - Kornelia Knubel -----------------------------------------------------------
Thank you very much for a great time! The teachers are very good and funny! - Andrea Egger -----------------------------------------------------------
Nice teachers, friendly atmosphere, flexible. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to everybody. - Manha Dobberstein


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