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Traditional English Recipe - Blackberry Vinegar

Materials needed

A large sterilised glass jar
Fine sieve
Several decorative bottles

A traditional recipe that makes a lovely gift


450 grams blackberries
1 tbsp sugar
450 ml good quality white wine vinegar


  1. Place the berries in a glass jar and sprinkle with sugar.
  2. Stir for one minute to release a bit of the juice.
  3. Pour the white wine vinegar over the berries, cap the jar and let it sit on a cool, dark shelf for 3-4 weeks.
  4. Pour the mixture through a fine strainer to remove the berries' flesh and seeds.
  5. Put the strained vinegar into decorative bottles, label and tie with ribbons..


To pour: To transfer a liquid from one container to another.

To sprinkle: To scatter a dry ingredient or tiny droplets of a liquid.

To stir: To agitate an ingredient or a number of ingredients using a hand held tool such as a spoon.

tbsp: Tablespoon (approx 15 grams)

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