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Traditional English Recipe - Apple Crumble

This delicious recipe is a favourite pudding for Sunday dinner, and it is so easy to make.

Apple crumble
Original photo by dichecho.


1 ½ lb (200g) cooking apples
6oz Castor sugar
1oz Demorara sugar
½ lb Self-raising flour
¼ lb Butter


  1. Grease a 2 pint over proof dish.
  2. Peel and slice the apples.
  3. Mix the apples with 2 oz of sugar and put into the oven proof dish.
  4. Chop the butter into cubes.
  5. Place butter and flour into a mixing bowl and rub in using fingertips until crumbs form.
  6. Stir in the rest of the sugar (4 oz).
  7. Sprinkle the rubbed in mixture over the apples and press down lightly.
  8. Bake for an hour in a preheated oven at 350°F.
  9. Serve hot or cold with custard or cream.


To bake: To cook in an oven.

To chop: To cut food into small even-sized pieces using a knife or food processor.

To grease: To apply a layer of fat to a surface to prevent food from sticking, e.g. grease the baking tray with butter.

To mix: To beat or stir food ingredients together until they are combined.

To peel: To remove the outer layer of a food.

To rub in: A method of incorporating fat into flour by rubbing the fat with the fingertips until it combines with the flour to form a mixture with a breadcrumb-like consistency, eg rub the butter into the flour and add enough cold water to form a smooth dough. Pastry, scones, cakes and biscuits are made using the rub in method.

To slice: To cut something into even-sized thin pieces using a sharp knife or food processor.

To sprinkle: To scatter a powdered ingredient or tiny droplets of a liquid, eg sprinkle the caster sugar over the fruit or sprinkle the brandy over the fruit cake.

To stir: To agitate an ingredient or a number of ingredients using a hand held tool such as a spoon.

!Note - you can vary the fruit, or add other dry ingredients like chopped nuts or oatmeal into the crumble mix.

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