9 Tips To Improve Your Voice

by Kathy Thompson

How much talking do you do during the day?

We take our voices for granted. A lot of tension forms in our throats and larynx. These simple fun exercises can help you.

6 Tips to a Better Voice:

1. Feel your throat muscles and jaw when you are speaking. Note the tension.

2. Open your mouth wide. Yawn and say "Ho Hum." Close your lips. As you do, drop your jaw and waggle it from side to side.

3. Repeat the yawning and humming. Note how the throat muscles loosen and release strain.

4. Open your mouth wide, drop your jaw, exaggerate your lip and jaw movements. Say the following words slowly: Prolong the sounds. Annunciate carefully. HANG, HARM, LANE, MAIN, LONE, LOOM.

5. Lightly massage your throat muscles with your fingers to check for tightness.

6. Drop your jaw and relax the throat. Prolong the sounds. Open wide and use a monotone voice. Say: NAH, HAY, NEE, NO, NOO.

Finally try this several times a day. You should see an improvement. in your speaking voice:-

A - Tummy Bounce Take a breath through the mouth for three seconds, and immediately let it out as you say 10 "Ha's" in succession, using one breath. Keep the back of your throat open.

B - Ka-Ga-Ha Open mouth wide and open back of your throat. Say "ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-" As many times as you can with one breath. Again Say; "Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga" - As many times as you can with one breath. Again With; "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha" - As many times as you can with one breath. Now With "ka-ga-ha", "ka-ga-ha", "ka-ga-ha", "ka-ga-ha" - As many times as you can with one breath.

C -Vitalic Breath

a. Inhale a few short quick breaths through the nose

b. Open your mouth, expel quickly with one blast. (Do this 2 or 3 times only, or you will get dizzy).

About the author: Writer, Speaker, Kathy Thompson.