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Picture This - Present Continuous - "I am doing."

Use Action / Dynamic Verbs

I + am

He/She/It + is

We, you, they + are

Verb = to stand

Q - "What am I doing?"


A- "I'm standing."

Verb = to laugh

Q - "What's he doing?"


A- "He's laughing."

Verb = to fish

Q - "What are they doing?"


A- "They're fishing."

Verb = to shop

Q - "What's Mr Bean doing?"


A- "He's shopping for food."

Verb = to teach

Q - "What is she doing?"


A- "She's teaching the alphabet."

Verb = to learn

Q - "What are you doing?"


A- "You're learning English."

Verb = to spin

Q - "What's the chair doing?"


A- "It's spinning."

Verb = to surf

Q - "And what are we doing?"


A- "We're surfing the net."




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