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Picture This - Prepositions of Place

Where?Where is it?

In On Under
The ball is in the box The ball is on the box. The ball is under the box.
John's house
John's house
Jane's house
Jane's house
Bill's house
Bill's house
John's house is next to Jane's house. Jane's house is between Bill's and John's houses. Bill's house is next to Jane's house.
StandOn Between Between Behind Hold over
The climbers stood on top of the mountain. The man stood between the two enemies. The enemies stood opposite each other with the man in between. The two gardeners stood next to each other, behind the pumpkins. The man stood next to the gopher and held the umbrella over it.

Look through
WriteOn Look in Look at Sit at
The man looked through the telescope in his hands.
The man with the pen in his hand, wrote the address on the package.
The man looked at the mail in the post box. The man looked at the clock on the wall. The manager sat at his desk on his chair.




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