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Picture This - Prepositions of Movement

Run off

Picture It Clip Art Preposition Example
across across "He threw the ball across the court."
along along "They drove along the road."
around around "The bees buzzed around his head."
back to back to "He had to go back to square one."
down down "He skied down the mountain."
Pour in into "The man poured the sand into the timer.
Run off off "The man ran off the cliff."
onto onto (on to) "The chiropractor jumped onto his back."
out of out of "The money flew out of the window."
over over "The cow jumped over the moon."
past past "The wheel span past the winning line."
round "The arrow is moving round the ball."
move to to "He carried the rubbish to the bin."
through through "The train came through the tunnel."
towards towards "The meteor was heading towards the planet."
under under "She limboed under the pole."
up "They went up the escalator."




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