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Happy New Year!

New Year's News 2013/14

There was a stormy start to the New Year across the UK.

Police warned the public to be cautious after a man in Cornwall and a woman in Devon were thought to have drowned in separate incidents on New Year's Eve.

There was another reason to be cautious as ambulance services received one phone call every 15 seconds on New Year's Eve. Most due to excessive drinking. London's Ambulance Service received 1,100 calls between 7pm and midnight.

Around 250,000 revellers lined up along the Thames to watch the amazing New Year fireworks, but they created an estimated 85 tonnes of waste that had to be cleared up by their mums. (Only joking.)  52 vehicles and 119 workers had to work through the night to make sure streets were clean for London's New Year's Day parade at midday (not such a Happy New Year for them).

In Europe, Latvia, became the 18th country to join the single currency zone.

In France it became compulsory for the police to address members of the public as "vous" not the informal "tu".

In Switzerland you must now turn your headlights on when driving. Even if it's the middle of the day.

In Oregon in the USA, new laws made it illegal to smoke whilst in a car that contained children.

Colorado on Wednesday became the first state in the US to allow thesale of marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Incandescent lightbulbs were banned in Canada.

In 2013 we said goodbye to:

Nelson Mandela (president of South Africa)
Michael Winner (film director)
Ronnie Biggs (criminal)
Margaret Thatcher (politician)
Sir David Frost (broadcaster)
Alan Whicker (broadcaster)
Lewis Collins (actor)
Lou Reed (singer)
Nigel Davenport (actor)
Tom Clancy (writer)
Seamus Heany (writer)
Mike Winters (comedian)
Elmore Leonard (writer)
Mel Smith (comedian)
David Coleman (broadcaster)
Peter O'Toole (actor)
Slim Whitman (singer)
James Gandolfini (actor)
Iain Banks (writer)
Tom Sharpe (writer)
Bill Pertwee (actor)
Mick McManus (wrestler)
Paul Shane (comedian)
Bryan Forbes (film director)
Mike Denness (cricketer)
Anne Williams (campaigner)
Sir Robert Edwards (scientist)
James Herbert (writer)
Kenny Ball (musician)
Hugo Chavez (president of Venezuala)
Richard Briers (actor)
Reg Presley (musician)



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