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Happy New Year!

New Year's News 2005/2006

Russia began cutting gas supplies to Ukraine in an energy price dispute.

Nobody came forward with the £9.5m jackpot-winning UK lottery ticket to claim the prize - the largest unclaimed fortune in the draw's history.

In 2005 we said goodbye to: Sir John Mills and his wife Mary Haley Bell , Constance Cummings , Barbara Bel Geddes, James "Scotty" Doohan, Eddie Albert , Sheree North, Richard Pryor, British politicians Lord Callaghan, Sir Edward Heath, Robin Cook, Mo Mowlam, Gerry Fitt, KR Narayanan and Eugene McCarthy, writers Christopher Fry, John Fowles and Saul Bellow; musicians Link Wray and Luther Vandross; TV presenters Johnny Carson and Richard Whiteley; civil rights activist Rosa Park; Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal; photographer Patrick Lichfield and footballer George Best.



British New Year