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To is the most common form. When to is used before a verb it forms part of the infiinitive:-

For example: to learn, to do, to be, to drink...
"I need to make an appointment."

To is also a preposition, often used to indicate direction, which begins a prepositional phrase.

For example: to the limit, to hell and back
Example: "Walk to the end of the street."

Too is an adverb meaning "extra or more than necessary" - after all it has 2 Os - 1 too many?

For example: too much, too big, too small...
"The film was too long."


Cartoon by Michael Leunig © Republished with permission.

Too also means "also"

For example: me too
"I thought it was too long, too."

Two is a number - 2.

For example: one, two, three...
"I only drank two pints of beer."

More examples:

We went to a football match. (preposition)

We like to watch a good film at the weekend. (infinitive)

We ate too much. (meaning "excessively")

I like baseball, too. (meaning "also")

Six divided by three is two. (number)

They own two cars. (number)

!Note - Many other words in English which reflect the number two start with the letters 'tw'.

For example: twin, twice, twenty, tweezers, etc.


Try this famous song if you are still confused about to and too!