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Practise your English with us on Google Plus

As part of our English for Friendship philosophy, we have a friendly little community on Google Plus and we run regular sessions using Google hangouts.

Our Google Plus community.

Check the calendar for details of planned events.

What do you need to do?

What do we do in the sessions?

  • In Lynne's sessions we often use the time for a bit of listening practice,. This means active listening, so be prepared to listen to a podcast, a song, or access a video or an mp3 file online and to ask/answer questions about it.
  • LEN Radio - In Aladdin's sessions anything can happen: Drama - Tech Talk - Forum Topics ... You can listen to some of the sessions on English Radio's YouTube page.

What should you do in the sessions?

When you enter any session for the first time, type "Hi" in the chat window.

If you want to speak click on the "Request to Speak" button, when it's appropriate the moderator will invite you to become a presenter. You can then talk by clicking on the microphone in the presenter panel and speaking into the mic, (don't forget to mute your mic when you've finished).

We use the following codes:-

  • mic = I want to say something.
  • 111 to show we can hear you
  • 222 means we can't hear you
  • 2121 means your sound is breaking up
  • ??? = I don't understand.

We don't mind if you just want to listen to start with, but you will be encouraged to speak.

How much does it cost?

As usual, all the activities we run are free, the cost to you is your time and participation. However you are welcome to sponsor us.

Oh and don't worry if you're having a "bad hair day", we don't use web cams, voice is enough.

As ever, we encourage you to take part in the wider Google plus community. We aren't the only people running live streaming sessions, and you can find chat rooms on practically any subject. You could even start one of your own.

For more information and guidelines please read our English Chat page. By taking part in any of our sessions, you agree to be bound by these rules and guidelines.

As mentioned above, we often stream our sessions on the web, and the subsequent recordings are posted to our YouTube channel (or other video hosts) By participating in a session, we will presume that is okay with you.

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