Useful Search Tips

  1. Choose your keywords wisely.
  2. For example instead of typing adjectives - type in:-

    english grammar adjectives
  3. To get a more accurate result search for phrases by using quotation marks.
  4. For example instead of typing learn english free - type in:-

    "learn english free "
  5. To find out the meaning of a word type "define:" + the word or phrase.

    For example type in:-
  6. define: fix up

    Results = find (something or someone) for; "I'll fix you up with a nice girl" or arrange: make arrangements for; "Can you arrange a meeting with the President?"

Check your English Grammar

You can use this tip to check simple sentence structure:-If you are in doubt about a sentence try typing it into Google.

For example:- "I have never to America been." reveals no (or very few) hits - which indicates it's wrong.

Rewrite the sentence: "I have never been to America." reveals 301 hits - an indication that it's correct.

Don't forget to put the (") symbol at the beginning and end of your search.

If your sentence is too long, try shortening it. (Remember KISS.)

Check your English Spelling

You can use this tip to check the spelling of a word:-If you are in doubt about how to spell a word try typing it into Google. Google will offer an alternative spelling if it thinks you've spelt it incorrectly.

For example:- "appartment" reveals 6,950,000 hits! But Google asks "Did you mean: apartment" with a link that reveals 122,000,000 hits. Apartment is the correct spelling - over 6 million people have got it wrong, but not you!

If it's the kind of word that can be spelt two different ways with two different meanings, check the web sites that come up as a result of the search. Are they what you mean when you use this word?

For example:- "heir and hair" Heir reveals 12,800,000 hits and the results are about inheritance. Hair reveals 255,000,000 hits and the results are about style and hair care - oh and the musical.

One of the big problems you'll face in spelling is the differences between American and British spellings. British teachers mark American spelling as wrong, and American teachers mark British spelling as wrong. I tend to accept either spelling as long as people don't mix them up, so just check that you've been consistent.

Improve your English Vocabulary

You can use this tip to improve your vocabulary.

To be on the safe side enable "Safe Search" in your preferences.

When you use Google you can search for specific images. Just click on "Images" on the menu above the search box. Type in the word you want to find an image for.

For example:- "railway" = 671,000 hits

You can also search for phrases.

For example:- "raining cats and dogs " = 885 hits

Extra Useful Google Tips

  1. Use Google to translate words into your language.

  3. Download the Google Toolbar to instantly translate words on English web pages into your language.

    Using the WordTranslator option choose the language you wish to translate into. Then just hover your cursor over an English word and Toolbar's WordTranslator will tell you what it means in your own language. WordTranslator currently supports translation from English into Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German and Spanish.