English Word Games

Beat the Clock

Word Game - Beat the Clock


  • To start playing a game, press start.
  • To play the game you need to click on the letters in the grid to build up the words.
  • There are 5 words to find in each game.
  • As you click on the letters they will dissapear from the grid.
  • When you click on a correct letter it will appear in the boxes below, until you have clicked the last correct letter and then it will move on to the next word.
  • Watch out though you get a penalty for any incorrect letter!!
  • Your score is the number of seconds it takes to get all the words, plus a 5 second penalty for any incorrect letters.
  • New words will be added from the vocabulary pages.
  • If you start seeing the word FAILURE that means there are no more new words in the game. Press your refresh button and you can start again and try to Beat the Clock.




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