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Going shopping

Mrs Smith is going shopping with her son. They are looking for a present for Mr Smith's birthday. Mrs Smith wants to buy him a new camera and Tom wants to buy him a jumper.

They drive to the department store on the high street. Mrs Smith uses the escalator to go to the Electrical Department on the third floor and Tom takes the stairs up to the Men's Clothing Department on the first floor.

When she gets to the Electrical Department she finds that cameras are sold in the Photography Department on the ground floor. She takes the elevator down and asks the sales assistant there for some help. She doesn't know much about cameras and needs some advice. He recommends an automatic camera by Olympus, but it is too expensive. She asks him if he has anything a little cheaper and he tells her about a special offer on the Pentax range. It still seems expensive so she thanks the assistant and decides to shop around first.

Meanwhile, Tom is looking at the jumpers. He only has £10 to spend so he can't afford most of them. He sees his mother and they decide to go to the smaller shops round the corner.