Reading Comprehesion Test - Food

Coming for tea


Read the text.
Choose the correct answer.
You have 10 minutes to complete the test.
The text comes from the Learn English Food vocabulary page.

Coming for tea

It's Friday afternoon and John's friend Mark is coming for tea tomorrow.

Mrs S: John, is Mark coming for tea tomorrow?

John: Yes mum, I told you yesterday!

Mrs S: Oh did you? Sorry, I must have forgotten.

John: What are we having?

Mrs S: I don't know yet, I was just writing out the shopping list. What sort of things does he like?

John: Anything, just about. I know he hates pasta though, he never eats school dinner if it's pasta.

Mrs S: OK, what about pizza.

John: Yeah, pizza would be great, not too much salad though please mum.

Mrs S: How about a fruit salad for pudding instead?

John: With ice cream?

Mrs S: Yes, ok.

John: Great, I can't wait!

Entertaining at Home - It's Saturday and John's friend Mark has just arrived.

John: Hi Mark!

Mark Hi John, how's it going?

John: Fine, and you?

Mark Oh you know.

John: Yeah, tell me about it.

Mrs S: Hello Mark, how are you.

Mark: Very well thank you Mrs Smith.

John Mum, can we go and play in my room?

Mrs S: Yes, after tea. We're having pizza tonight Mark, is that alright?

Mark: Yes Mrs Smith that should be fine, but I am a vegetarian.

Mrs S: Oh John, you didn't tell me!

John Sorry mum, I didn't know.

Mrs S: Well it's just as well I bought mushroom pizza as well then, isn't it?

Mark: I'm sorry if it's any trouble Mrs Smith.

Mrs S: Don't worry Mark, it's not your fault, we can eat the salami pizza and you can have the mushroom one. Why don't you both go and play upstairs, tea will be a little bit longer than expected!

John: This way Mark.