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New neighbours

It's Saturday morning and something is happening next door.

Joan: Steve, what's all that noise outside?

Steve: Just a minute, I'll have a look. ....... Oh! It looks as if the new next door neighbours are moving in.

Joan: Oh, it's a bit early, isn't it? Ah well I guess we'd better get up.

Steve: It's amazing how quickly the houses are selling round here, the Browns only put it on the market a month ago.

Joan: Where did they move to?

Steve: I think he told me they were buying a detached house in Surbiton.

Joan: Sounds nice. I hope the new neighbours are nice.

Steve: Well, I was speaking with Mr Brown last week. He told me they were a young couple with two daughters. They liked the house because it was near a good school.

Joan: Two daughters! That will please John.

Steve: Ha! Maybe we'd better pop next door and say hello.

Joan: Yes, and maybe we'd better start thinking of selling too. I'd like a detached house in Surbiton as well!

Steve: Hmm.