Easter Crossword

The English Magazine's Crossword for Easter


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1. When something that had died or ended is brought back.
8. A special social event.
9. A line of people who are all walking or travelling in the same direction.
10. A type of hat that covers the ears and is tied under the chin.
11. Someone who believes in and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.
13. A printed table showing all the days, weeks and months of the year.
14. The main day on which Easter is celebrated.
15. A Christian religious holiday to celebrate Jesus Christ's return to life after he was killed.


2. Oval objects, often with a hard shell, produced by female birds. Mine had better be made of chocolate though.
3. The death of Christ on a cross.
4. Another word for rabbit.
5. Long pointed leaves.
6. The 40 days before Easter.
7. A yellow bell-shaped flower with a long stem which is commonly seen in the spring.
11. The main symbol of Christianity.
12. A light, woven container, with a handle.