Sports Crossword

The Sports Vocabulary Crossword

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1. Two teams of eleven people try to win by kicking a ball into the other team's goal.
3. Two people try to throw each other to the ground, using their arms, legs, hands and feet.
4. Players roll a large black or brown ball as close as possible to a smaller white ball.
5. Two people fight in a ring and try to throw each other to the ground.
7. Two people try to hit 15 red balls and 6 balls of different colours into six holes around a cloth-covered table.
9. Two competitors fight by hitting each other with their hands.
10. Two or four people try to hit a small rubber ball against a wall.
11. The sport of fighting with long thin swords.
13. Two or four people hit a small ball across a net.
15. Two teams ride horses and carry long wooden hammers with which they hit a small hard ball.
16. The sport of trying to catch fish with a fishing rod.
17. Two teams try to carry an oval ball across a particular line or kick it between an H-shaped set of posts.See picture .


2. Two or four people hit a shuttlecock over a high net.
6. Two, three or four people use mallets to hit wooden balls through small metal hoops.
7. The sport of racing wind-powered boats.
8. Two teams of eleven players try to put a small hard ball into the other team's goal using a curved stick.
12. A game played outside on grass in which each player tries to hit a small ball into a series of nine or 18 small holes, using a long thin stick.
14. Using flat narrow pieces of wood or plastic to move quickly and easily over snow.