Adjectives - Comparative/Superlative

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1 Mount Everest measures 8,848 meters, Mount Kangchenjunga measures 8,596 meters and K2 measures 8,611 meters.
Mount Everest is the highest mountain.
Mount Kangchenjunga is the highest mountain.
K2 is the lowest mountain.

2 Anne is 43 years old, Lynne is 40 years old.
Anne is younger than Lynne.
Lynne is older than Anne.
Anne is older than Lynne.

3 The red dress costs 25.00, the blue dress costs 15.00.
The red dress costs less than the blue dress.
The blue dress costs less than the red dress.
The blue dress costs more than the red dress.

4 Russia is 17,075,000 sqm, France is 544,000 sqm.
France is larger than Russia.
Russia is larger than France.
Russia is smaller than France.

5 Box A is bigger than box B, box C is bigger than box A.
Box B is the smallest box.
Box A is the biggest box.
Box C is the smallest box.

6 I live 2 km from my mother. My sister lives 1 km from her.
I live nearer my mother than my sister.
My sister lives nearer my mother than me.
My sister lives further from my mother than me.

7 Jane has 1,633.20, Bill has 1,635.30, John has 1,632.10.
Bill has the most money.
Jane has the least money.
John has the most money.

8 Carrots are good for you, cakes are bad for you.
Carrots are worse for you than cakes.
Cakes are better for you than carrots.
Carrots are better for you than cakes.

9 Johnny was bad, Wendy was very bad, Billy was very, very bad.
Johnny was the worst.
Wendy was the best.
Billy was the worst.

10 I saw two plays, one on Monday 1st April and the other on Tuesday 2nd April. I enjoyed the Monday play, I didn't enjoy the one on Tuesday.
I enjoyed the second play more than the first play.
I enjoyed the first play more than the second play.
I enjoyed the first play less than the second play.