Prepositions of Movement

Fill the gap using the correct word from the words in brackets.

Press "Check" to check your answers.

You have 5 minutes to complete the test.

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1. The mouse ran the table to hide. (through / in / under)

2. The dog ran the garden to play. (into / onto / over)

3. The ship sailed the world. (round / through / over)

4. The train went the tunnel. (over / through / onto)

5. The paint fell the floor. (into / onto / round)

6. She broke her leg when she fell the stairs. (off / in / down)

7. The burglar made a mistake when he ran the policeman. (towards / under / onto)

8. I was tired after walking the hill. (through / into / up)

9. When the train arrived at my destination I got . (into / onto / off)

10. The horse jumped the fence. (over / under / down)